Chris Kemp White

Chris Kemp White - Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Percussion and Programming

Maine-born and raised singer-songwriter Chris Kemp White has been making music in and around Portland for more than twenty years. After performing almost exclusively with bands––HausCats, An Overnight Low, Andy Happel, Hotel Arrival and The Frotus Caper, to name a few––he is currently writing, arranging and recording solo material. Drawing from classic and modern influences like David Bowie, Crowded House, Wilco and Death Cab for Cutie, the songs explore both spiritual and everyday themes of love, loss and longing. Josh Rogers of the Portland Phoenix writes, “White’s got a knack for poetry, elevating the quality of his lyrics with inventive phrasing and word choice.” 

White performs solo and with a 3-piece band accompanied by friends Deb Drew (drums & vocals) and Eric Drew (bass & vocals). He release his first, self-titled release in June, 2016, and a 2-song record in partnership with boutique record label Leesta Vall later that year.

White balances his love of music with career and family. A social studies teacher with Maine Connections Academy in South Portland, he enjoys sharing his favorite music with his students, and they keep him up to date on new artists and trends. Above all, Chris cherishes time with his wife, Rachel, two children, Arran and Alice, and their dog, Ida.