Chris Kemp White

It's Never the Right Time - 7" Mono 45 RPM Single

Describing his single It’s Never the Right Time, Chris Kemp White writes, “we want to believe we’re in control and admitting that we have minimal power over our trajectory is grossly unsettling. Conversely, accepting our lack of control can be freeing. Letting go of fear, or facing it, makes taking risks easier and opens us up for new possibilities. Never accept ‘as good as it gets.’ If you think you’re in control, think again.” 
In the accompanying B-side You’re Coming Home, a man questions whether he can support his partner’s decision to pursue a new life. 


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Chris Kemp White - 4-song CD


With a captivating voice and a knack for creative arranging, solo singer-songwriter Chris Kemp White explores love, loss and longing in his Debut E.P. through expressive lyrics and versatile instrumentalism, revealing classic and modern influences like David Bowie, Crowded House, and Coldplay.


Genre: Pop: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 2016