Chris Kemp White


Chris Kemp White


As close to a protest song as I've come, this was written in January 2017. it felt appropriate at the time.


I’ve been thinking about prophets

Abraham, Martin, and John

Who am I going to follow

My leaders are gone


I’ve been listening to your speeches

I’ve been watching you on t.v.

You can’t make truth from fiction

And hope I’ll believe


But they won’t get out of the way

And they won’t open their eyes

So I’ll take them by they hand

I’ll take them by the hand


I’ve been thinking about anger

And I’ve been thinking about change

Anger lives in fear 

And fear is a cage


I’ve been singing about prophets

Harriet, Sojourner, and Anne

Where will I find my words

Now their words are banned


And they’ll show me the way

And they’ll open my eyes

And they’ll take me by the hand

They’ll take me by the hand