Chris Kemp White

Repeating (Repeated)

Chris Kemp White
Chris Kemp White


The first verse sprouted while lying in bed. Many times I’ve tried my hand at developing a personal mantra–usually when fighting insomnia–thus the idea of “words that are repeating.” These lines fell short of my goal but did give me fodder for lyrics. 


The underlying theme is of collective consciousness–an energy that binds us to each other and to our pasts. Are we disconnected from our ancestors? Though it may be a temporary condition, I feel like we have lost an ancient wisdom that is represented here by a tune: “Used to know the words to all the songs our forebears sang.” Consumed with materialism and industry, we are missing out on life’s key messages: live simply, be grateful and sing.


The words that are repeating

Pluck them from the air

Humming in the stillness

Close your eyes to hear


Your mind is filled with chaos

Let your body buzz with life

Letting go of darkness

Grab onto the Light


Papier-mâché castles

We build into the sky

They melt into the horizon

And we’re surprised


Hum the tune whenever

You forget the words

You are a tiny cosm

In a microcosmic world


Used to know 

The words to all the songs our forebears sang

Used to know 

The end and the beginning are the same