Chris Kemp White

The Same Man (Who Broke Your Heart)

Chris Kemp White
Chris Kemp White


Originally titled “5-26-04,” after the date of its first recording, (I’m not sure when it was originally written,) “The Same Man (Who Broke Your Heart)” touches on themes of homelessness, alcoholism, and romance. Ultimately it is about regret.


It seems to me that regret comes in two forms: “I’m sorry I did that,” and “I’m sorry I didn’t do that.” This song covers both. The stronger theme here is romance and I think at the time I was simultaneously sorry about the path I had chosen–i.e., the relationship I was in–and any opportunities I had missed because of it. In hindsight, all mistakes are lessons and I learned a lot from my choices. Still, it’s hard not to think how life might have been different.


A little ill

It’s not so bad

I can’t believe I’m the same man

Who worked so hard

To be so mean


It’s not my fault

I’m not as clean 

This cup collects your pity

And drunken eyes

Will turn the grays to color


Just a kiss

That’s all it was

That’s all there is

The way you feel 

Is way too strange


A little ill

It’s not so bad

I can’t believe I’m the same man 

Who broke your heart

That wasn’t me