Chris Kemp White

Words and Music


As a songwriter, I deal with words as much as music. Lately I have been feeling that the words struggle to match the power of the music. How can they? When Bowie belts “is there Life on Mars?” it’s not the query that prickles my skin and makes a lump in my throat, but the impassioned delivery, striking interval, and climactic music. You may be a poetry lover, yourself, but I am a music lover....


Chris Kemp White Newsletter June 2018


I have been thinking a lot about this. Last weekend I took a trip to Mars Hill to play a gig. A long way to drive to play a couple sets to a small group of people. It went well—I was satisfied with my performance and the audience genuinely enjoyed themselves and showed their appreciation. But so much more happened to make this trip special.

A couple months ago. . . 




A month or so ago I wrote what seemed to me like a Seussian sort of poem called “Unknown.”


I used to know 
and now I don’t
The way to get to there


I try to recall
But think I won’t
Find it anywhere


What is music?


Music is: universal communication, a backdrop to our lives, my personal escape room. 


What is music for you?


Newsletter September 19, 2016


Welcome to the first of many newsletters to come. Let's start with a recap of the year-to-date: I've been busy since releasing my 4-song E.P. in June. Thanks for all who purchased it and for the kind words and encouragement. If you have yet to hear it, it can be found at chriskempwhite.comCDbabyAmazoniTunes, and you can stream it for free on YouTube and Spotify.

Major kudos to all who came out to hear me play Make Music Portland, the Back Cove Neighborhood Association Block Party, and to hear my musings on 21st Century Creativity at PechaKucha Portland

I was honored to get spun by Sherry Thomas at Fallen Rock Zone, and will be on rotation with Dan Herman at Radio Crystal Blue this month. Phew--that was a lot of links!

Upcoming: I returned to the WBLM studios (for the first time since 2008!) to tape forGreetings from Area Code 207 with Charlie Gaylord. It will air in October, and I will be plugging. . . wait for it. . . 


It's Never the Right Time


Wait, wait for the right time

You’ve been waiting all your life

The right time never comes


These opening words to a song I wrote earlier this year, “It’s Never the Right Time,” illustrate a theme in a lot of lives, including my own. What are we waiting for; the right job, the right relationship, the right opportunity? There is truthfully nothing stopping us from grabbing hold of our lives . . . except fear.