When I'm not singing. . . 

I am a carpenter and handyman. In fact, I left a full-time teaching career two years ago to pursue carpentry (and music, of course), and haven't looked back. That's why I am really excited to announce the launch of my carpentry/handyman business Wood and Wires Home Repair. In addition to home repairs, I also do carpentry projects like building walls, removing walls, interior and exterior trim, windows, doors, bathroom and kitchen remodels, and so on. Reach out with interest!

Okay, now back to music! My latest song “(They Can’t) Undo This Love” has been spinning on local radio stations WCLZ, Frank FM, and Rock 106.3. Special thanks to Aimsel Ponti and Charlie Gaylord for supporting local music! You can hear me play it live with my good friend John Lawson accompanying on upright bass and other instruments (I never know what he's going to bring) in two weeks at Blue. See you there!

Upcoming gigs:

February 21, Blue (with Bri Lane)


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Coffee House

Falmouth Congregational Church, 267 Falmouth Rd, Falmouth, ME


Elements Books Coffee Beer

Elements Books Coffee Beer, 265 Main St, Biddeford, ME

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