Giving is good

. . . and not just because it’s the “giving season” either. Giving is part of an energetic exchange, a cycle of giving and receiving. It’s no coincidence that the word currency derives from the Latin currere, meaning “to run” or “flow.” Currency is more than just money—it is a medium of exchange—give and take. But money is just one form of exchange. There are many ways to give, and the more we give the more we receive. Share your gifts, receive what you most need and want. I recently wrote a song, “No Excuses” (video here; recording coming soon), which addresses this: 


Loving and giving

Make being worth living for

Living with nothing but giving

and giving more


In this spirit, I’ll be doing some giving this month. Thursday, November 15 I will share the stage with a bunch of performers at Poland Regional High School where they are hosting a variety show to benefit Safe Passage, a nonprofit helping children in the Guatemala City garbage dump community break the cycle of poverty through education. Show starts at 6pm. 


I’ll really be getting in the spirit November 24 at Celebration Tree Farm and Yoga in West Durham. They’re hosting their second annual Celebration Market where local smithies and craftspeople will sell their wares. Perfect for holiday shopping. Food and beverages to boot! 


It turns out that music makes a great gift. Chris Kemp White CDs and records (yes, actual records) are available for purchase at and CD Baby or streaming at Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, and more. 

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