Pause for Reflection

3 months ago I left teaching to pursue music and carpentry. In those 3 months I have played 12 gigs and worked close to full time building, fixing, smashing, and lifting. With the kids and all the plans that come with summer I have been busy. . . really busy, but not stressed; fulfilled. 


When we seek and carry out our outer purpose (what we do with our everyday lives) even the otherwise tedious chores are joyful. For example, every Tuesday (theoretically) I do the finances—a chore I used to put off with dread. Now I kind of look forward to it, because I am the source of my income, and the expenses are directly related to the work, creating an energetic exchange. Moreover, the income and expenses are part of the story, reminding me of my accomplishments and deeds. 


Though it’s been a busy summer, I have time to pause and reflect this fall, and I will be thinking heavily on recent blog topics: 1) the role of words in music; and 2) what I have learned from watching other performers.


Regarding the first: I have composed and recorded some ambient tracks for Rachel to use in her videos and podcasts (see and hear at Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting), and am working on another. I plan to put together a series, which will be available for free on my website, YouTube channel, and streaming services like Spotify. 


The second: last week I wrote about two acts I enjoyed at Common Ground Fair, the Oshima Brothers and Jenny Van West. This weekend I shared a stage with An Overnight Low. Each act was unique and had great ideas that thought about how to incorporate into my own performance. And I thought, and thought, and thought. A lot of this thinking revolved around what I would purchase or build to replicate what I saw and heard. Fortunately, instead of impulsively buying or manically building, I practiced. I listened carefully to my own performance for what made it unique, what was good, and what needed improvement. 


I think I made the right choice. I hope you’ll find out for yourself this weekend when I play twice on Saturday, October 6: Broadway Gardens Harvest Festival in South Portland in the afternoon and a repeat performance at Elements Books Coffee Beer in Biddeford at 8PM. Plan early for New Year’s Eve. . . spend it with CatHaus at Easy Day in South Portland!

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