A month or so ago I wrote what seemed to me like a Seussian sort of poem called “Unknown.”


I used to know 
and now I don’t
The way to get to there


I try to recall
But think I won’t
Find it anywhere


I was found
But now I’m lost
And wander to and fro


Maybe I could make a sign
And go where
It says to go


And so I did
And off I went
In search of where I’m going


Along the way
Is so much more than
I ever thought of knowing


Coincidentally (or not), Rachel just read an e-mail to me from Trinity Esoterics: “Your ability to trust and play in the expansive energies that exist just beyond what you can see or imagine, is what opens the door for you to co-create a full and satisfying life that is beyond your wildest dreams. To have a big, beautiful life you must be willing to play in the big, beautiful energies of the unknown where all things are possible, including your highest soul expression.”Maybe we should take more risks and embrace the unknown. What joys are missing for safety’s sake?



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