What am I doing? Why?

I’ve never been good at elevator speeches. I have a hard time just answering “what kind of music do you play?” Even though I have a hard time explaining to others, I should know what I’m doing and why, right? 

Okay, then. . . here goes. Short answer: bringing people together. Long answer: music may be the oldest form of communication. Some anthropologists argue that music preceded speech among humans (See Music and the Mind by Anthony Storr). Just like birds communicate through song, people may have done similarly before developing more complex representative sounds. I’m not sure about that, but I know music is universal. It transcends language and even culture. Every group of people of the planet have their own music form. Like our heritage itself, our diverse music descends from one ancestral song. Today we perform variations on that millenia-old theme (listen to my song “Repeating” for more on this idea). While music can be a practical form of communication, ultimately it brings us together in shared expression of sadness, joy, ecstasy, anger, and so on. There it is: music brings us together—I can use my gift to help facilitate that togetherness.

Why am I doing it? We all have a purpose—a reason for being here. Music is mine. I don’t seek fame or greatness; I am happy to sing for a receptive audience. So now I am seeking every opportunity to connect—to connect you to me, and you to others. Here are some upcoming opportunities to share:

My cover band CatHaüs is positively pumped to play New Years Eve at Easy Day in South Portland. Music starts at 8 and goes until just after we ring in the New Year. I’m super excited to play Blue on January 10th for their Happy Hour series: 5-6:30. I’ll also be playing at Urban Farms Fermentory January 20th for the Nurture Holistic Fair, which runs from 10-4. Finally, I will return to the Thirsty Pig Saturday, February 9 from 2-4. 

Apropos of everything, I also have a new song, “No Excuses.” The lyrics share the stories of millions of people around the world—the stories we tell ourselves—the ones that keep us up at night, keep us unhappy, or from doing the things we love. Enough of that. Let’s get things done, make the dream reality, get happy. You can hear “No Excuses” at chriskempwhite.com, and streaming on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and Deezer.

One more thing: I am so very proud of my wife, Rachel Horton White. She is awesome in every way AND she published another incredible article with Wake Up World. Read it here.

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