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Sometimes words don't express what we want to convey to someone. Or we want to show them deep gratitude or love or just kindness with something incredibly unique and memorable. Have you ever wished that someone would write a song about you? What if they can? Music and lyrics tailored to your unique self or to someone you care about. Kind of like having a star named after you.

If you are interested in having a one-of-a-kind custom song written and recorded to give a loved one, please contact me at, or fill out this questionnaire.


"Chris Kemp White not only created a song for us, he created a cherished memory. He was able to take the answers to a brief questionnaire and encapsulate the essence of a person with clarity….presenting flowing lyrics and a fresh, inviting sound. He is clearly an intuitive songwriter, gifted musician and has the unique ability of creating meaning and emotion from seemingly benign information. The end result is priceless. I would highly recommend this service to anyone seeking to convey a message or emotion in a creative and magical way. Thanks Chris Kemp White!"

Chris Kemp White: Event Singer/Guitarist

Chris is available to play private events, weddings or parties. Perfect accompaniment for a wedding cocktail hour, pre-ceremony music, or light music for any occasion. If you are looking to have a ballad sung during your service, Chris can accommodate. Contact at

CatHaus: Event Band

CatHaus is a 4-piece rock band that specializes in danceable music from the 60s to present. With and male and female vocalists, CatHaus favorites include tunes by The Cars, Talking Heads, The GoGos, The Beatles, Pretenders, and more. CatHaus is available for private parties, weddings, and corporate events. Contact Chris at, or visit our FaceBook page.

Lessons! Lessons! Lessons!

If you or your child(ren) are interested in learning guitar, learning to sing and play, or looking to work on songwriting, I offer lessons. Long ago, before I became a schoolteacher, I gave lessons at Starbird Music. I would love to start teaching again! If you're in the Greater Portland area, I may be able to come to you. E-mail with interest:

Piano Tuning

I can tune your piano! This has been a hobby for years. I keep our home piano in tune, and tune for family and friends. I am now offering piano tuning to you! I can come to your home in the Greater Portland area, or further afield for a reasonable travel cost. Spring and fall are the ideal times, so right about now is perfect! $85 a tuning—lower than you’ll find from local piano technicians:

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