From the recording If I Linger (Remixed)

Mostly an apology, “If I Linger” makes a good show starter. Just as Ringo sang, “What would you do if I sang out of tune,” this song absolves me of all stage malfunction-related guilt. This includes singing out of tune.
Okay, it’s not really about performance at all, but about the failings of a wallflower. I distinctly remember youth paralysis at social events–an inability to simply introduce myself. For years I thought I was cursed, but later realized I experienced the same insecurities as everyone else. Hanging back was my coping mechanism. In later years (around 30) I flip-flopped. Since then I stick my hand out and introduce myself obnoxiously. 


If my hands shake, words fail
If I fail to be clear
If I drift off, eyes glaze
I don’t seem to be here
To be here
If my tongue seizes, lips move
I draw a sigh
If the wind blows, trees sway
I move side to side
Side to side
If I wander, distracted
I fail to be commit
If I can’t pretend, shut down
I still want you here
I want you here
If I linger, too long
And I won’t go home
Forgive me; forget me
And show me the door