1. No Excuses

From the recording No Excuses


Lonely—from a tough home
Momma worried when Daddy came home
In the middle of a bidding war
So goes the story you’ve been telling for…
All your life is a story 
Of what you could have been
So called memories
Don’t define you; don’t box you in
No excuses anymore
No excuses
Ugly and unloveable
Chorus echoes in your pillow
Clumsy—can’t do nothing
Tired voices pulling your strings
All your life is a story
of obstacles
So called reasons
Paralyze you; have no control
No excuses anymore
No excuses
Cut the ties and run
Find the freedom in falling
Take your place in the world
Let it hold you and keep you
You can be you
Just be you
Loving and forgiving
Make being worth living for
Living with nothing
But giving and giving more